Your wedding flowers are the most beautiful flowers you will ever own.  You put so much love and care into choosing them and they look absolutely stunning on the day.  And then . . . ? Usually, not much happens, and that is such a shame.

This is where we step in.  From your bouquet, we create a work of art that you can enjoy long after your wedding day. 



It generally works like this:

  • You make a booking and pay a deposit ($99)

  • The day after the wedding (or other event), we collect the bouquet and bring it back to the studio. If you are interstate, you can box up the bouquet - we show you how - and send/courier it to us.

  • Over the next 5 or so days, we shoot the bouquet as a whole arrangement as well as taking some beautiful macro shots of the individual flowers.

  • Once we have taken all the photos we can, we edit the images to create a range of artworks for you to choose from. At this stage the next instalment ($199) is due.

  • Then, after you have made your choice(s), we print the image(s) for you - a piece of statement, heirloom art for your home - something NO-ONE else in the world will have - of something so beautiful and so meaningful to you. 

  • You can choose to have your artwork printed on fine art paper (with or without framing), printed on canvas, board or acrylic, or even printed on fabric (e.g. as a scarf or cushion cover). 

  • If you wish, you have the option to purchase digital copies of the rest of the edited images, plus you can purchase multiple physical copies at a discount in order to give as gift.

  • The final payment is paid just before delivery.

If it is not your wedding, giving a custom Floragraphica print is a gorgeous, unique gift.  

Should the wedding/event be past, we can have our florist match the flowers so we can create your artwork.  These make a gorgeous anniversary present, especially for the first anniversary, which is 'paper'.  Read more here.

For more detailed information, please keep reading below. . .