In an effort to be a more active blogger, I’ve decided to post little updates on what is happening with Floragraphica, rather than wait for inspiration to write the world’s greatest blog post – because, let’s be honest, we are all getting older and who’s got time to wait for that?   


So, in this update I wanted to write about some exciting collaborations I have underway. 


floral wallpaper banksia



Late last year I was approached to do a wallpaper commission for an office and wellness centre in Paddington.  They commissioned nine images – so nine spaces in their new premises will feature a different flower of mine. Even writing those words now feels surreal and I get a bubble of gratitude and love well up deep inside me.  That project is just coming to fruition now – two spaces have been papered with more to be completed over the next two weeks.  A couple of snaps of the works in progress are below - I don’t have professional images to share yet, but will do so when the project is complete.


silver gum artwork

Art sales with Creative Frames and Mirrors

Banksia artwork


I am currently curating a selection of images that I will sell in conjunction with the incredible framing studio Creative Frames and Mirrors.  Creative Frames and Mirrors produce absolutely gorgeous framed products, specialising in a range of framed canvas prints, including gloss and metallic canvases, that bring photographic artworks to life – I have actually never seen anything so rich and so sumptuous.  I can’t begin to explain what I an honour this is to me.  I’ll share more details about this collaboration as we trave




The last little collaboration I want to share is an exhibition at the Hazelhurst gallery in Gymea.  I have been invited to participate in Botanica, an exhibition celebrating nature and contemporary art and am in the midst of curating images for that as well.  Hazelhurst gallery is a amazing art complex that is housed within gorgeous landscape gardens – so the subject of the exhibition is a perfect match! That will be held I early May - I’ll be sharing more information as we get closer.  


So – other than bouquet bookings, that’s a bit of what’s happening in my world.  And while the mainstay of Floragraphica is and always will be capturing beautiful bouquets, it is so exciting (and humbling and surreal) that I am reaching a broader audience alongside my gorgeous couples.