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Floragraphica pieces are an artwork that will last generations, becoming the most beautiful, meaningful heirloom, and a stunning and unique way to decorate your home.

All prices include: Sydney metro flower pickup, photography & post production, printing and shipping/delivery of artwork within Sydney metro.  

All artworks are giclee printed, with archival quality inks, on heavy 100% cotton rag, smooth matte fine-art paper stock.

These prices are for UNFRAMED artworks, but we can arrange framing for you.  Pricing for framing depends on image size, frame style and size and border size. Let us know if you would like to be quoted on framing.

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* Different dimensions/sizes are available - let us know how big or what shape you’d like and we will quote you a price.

Payment Structure is based on three instalments:

~ A deposit of $99 is required on booking.  This deposit guarantees the booking, and covers the cost of collection and photography of the flowers.

~ The next instalment is $199 and is due after photography and processing has been completed.  We will let you know when the proofs are ready and once we receive the 2nd instalment we will send you the link to view the proofs.  The next step is choosing your final image, and deciding on size (and frame options, if framing).  

~ The final instalment is calculated as the remaining balance of the total cost, based on the size of the artwork (and framing, if being done).  This last instalment is payable before delivery/collection of the artwork. 

* We can create a payment plan of smaller, more frequent payments if preferred.


~ Once the first artwork is purchased:

  • subsequent artworks are available at a reduced price, getting increasingly cheaper the more you order; and

  • you are eligible to purchase the digital files of the remaining images from the proofs at a bulk rate.

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We offer a pick-up service within metro/greater Sydney:

Metro & Greater Sydney

A pick up service from any metro or greater Sydney address is included in the cost.  Your flowers can be picked up from a home, work or business address. You can nominate a friend or family members address if you will not be available. To book this service please use our online booking form "Get in touch" or telephone or email us.

Outer suburbs/Country Areas/Interstate

Pick up from suburbs outside of Sydney is available for a $50 fee.  Please use our online booking form or message us for further information. 

People in interstate, country NSW areas or far outer suburbs of Sydney can send their flowers through Australia Post (via express post for fast delivery and tracking).  Post it at your nearest Australia Post outlet via Express Post & keep a tracking information. (Refer to our instructions below regarding how to pack your flowers to send to us.)  

We will provide you with the postage address and more specific instructions prior to your wedding date.  

* Note that postage is at your expense, however we will refund the booking fee if the flowers are unworkable when they arrive. 

* If you are sending your flowers through Australia Post, please ensure you have notified us of your booking so we know when to expect the parcel.  You can do this by using our contact form or by emailing us at info@floragraphica.com.au.  



The fresher the flowers and the better the condition we receive them in, the better the finished art work will be. 

Take care of your flowers during the event, and in particular, keep them out of direct heat as much as possible. Always take care laying them down, to avoid any breakages. 

After your event, if you can, place them back in the box in which they were delivered. Otherwise, put them in a vase (if possible) or in another suitable box/container. Then, until collection/delivery, keep them in the coolest place you can.  You can spray them lightly with water or place damp paper towel over them (NOT newspaper).

Do not place them in the fridge, the freezer or in plastic (bag or wrap).

If you can place them in a vase, cut 1cm off the bottom of the stems before doing this. 



If you live outside of the Sydney metro area (or outer suburbs with pick up arranged) you will need to pack and post your flowers in a box. We recommend purchasing a mailing/storage box in advance from Australia Post (ask your florist for the required dimensions) and using guaranteed next day delivery to ensure the flowers arrive in good condition.  You can also use a courier service if you want to be sure of extra care. 

We offer no guarantees that we will be able to satisfactorily photograph the bouquet, but will let you know straight away if there are any issues.  We offer the option of deposit refund should the flowers be unworkable on arrival. 

When we receive your interstate booking, we will send you a small care pack for you to use when you send us your flowers.  This contains a foam sheet that you dampen and wrap around the ends of the stems. It also contains a small cello bag to cover the foam sheet to keep the foam sheet - and therefore flower ends - wet, and to prevent the postage box from becoming damaged. 

To pack your flowers/bouquet, place scrunched up tissue paper or newspaper in the bottom of the box. Place the flowers/bouquet (with the ends covered with the foam sheet and cello bag) on top of the paper, then place more paper around the sides of the flowers/bouquet so it is supported. 

With longer arrangements/bouquets you may need to bend the trail or cut off the last few flowers to fit it into the box. You don’t need to worry about doing this as we will usually shoot extremely close to the bouquet.

If your bouquet is packed with care, no significant harm will come to them and they should arrive in good condition.

Make sure you put your name, address and phone number in the box with your flowers and mark the box as 'fragile'. Also, as mentioned above, please let us know when you have posted them so that we can be ready to receive them.







When do I place my order?

As soon as you know the date of the event, or receive the flowers - the earlier the better to make sure we aren't booked out.  We can work with most arrangements up to 2-3 days after an event, so even if the event was yesterday, if we have availability we can still work with your flowers.    If the event is long past, or we are working on an 'historic' project (reproduction) we will source flowers ourselves to shoot, based on the design of the original arrangement/bouquet. 

How do I place my custom artwork order?

You can use our booking form on the 'contact' page, or email: info@floragraphica.com.au.

What can I do if the event has passed?

All is not lost! We can work with bouquets/arrangements up to 2-3 days after an event, so if you still have the bouquet (or any flowers from the event) we may still be able to use them. For less recent events, our florist may also be able to re-create your bouquet (or part of your bouquet) for photography. (Note that seasonality is a consideration in these situations, so you might need to wait for a while to book so that your flowers are in season.)  Contact us via our enquiry form, or send us an email: info@floragraphica.com.au to discuss your situation.

What can I do if the bouquet/arrangement is damaged or unable to be photographed?

If it turns out your bouquet is too damaged to be photographed, we will return your deposit less $20 for collection costs (assuming we collected it). However, whilst it’s nice to have the entire bouquet to work with, we can also work with just one “hero” flower to create something truly remarkable.  Alternatively, we can work with our florist to recreate your bouquet, or elements of it. (Note that seasonality is a consideration in these situations, so you might need to wait for a while to book so that your flowers are in season.)   To get the best result, it helps to have an image of the original bouquet/arrangement. Contact us via our enquiry form, or send us an email: info@floragraphica.com.au to discuss your situation. 

How should I care for my flowers before pickup?

Keep your flowers cool, moist and in a dark place.  When looked after correctly, flowers can last a surprisingly long time. For more information, including how to package the flowers for collection or deliver, please see our page 'How it works' for flower care information.

What payment is required up front?

We require a $99 booking/commissioning fee.  This fee secures the booking and covers transporting, handling and shooting of your flowers.

How much does an artwork cost?

The cost varies based upon:

  • The size of the print

  • Any framing requirements

  • Any additional storage or collection/delivery requirements

  • Purchase of digitals.

Our unframed artworks start at $370 for an A4, however, most clients will opt for an A2 ($450) or A1 ($580) size artwork.

As we only use fine art heavy 100% cotton rag paper stock and archival inks and, when framed, only use museum-quality custom framing materials, your artwork will last several generations.  It is an investment in an heirloom.  

What are my payment options?

Payment is made in three instalments.

Payment of $99 deposit to secure our services, bouquet pickup (Sydney metro only - out of Sydney, please check here for arrangements), and shooting

Payment of $199 for access to password protected proof gallery

Balance of payment once image(s) have been selected for finished product pickup

I live interstate.  Can I post my flowers to you?

Yes, you can post your flowers to us.  There is information about this in 'The Process' section of the website.  Contact us Via our enquiry form, or send us an email: info@floragraphica.com.au to discuss interstate arrangements 

How soon after the event do you need my flowers?

As soon as possible – ideally as soon as the day of or day after the event.  We need as little as 48 hours to shoot your flowers.

Can I get my flowers back when you are finished with them?

Due to the perishable nature of flowers, and the fact that we may need to deconstruct the bouquet/arrangement to shoot we don't typically return them.  If you have a particular requirement to have the bouquet returned, speak to us.  If the flowers are particularly hardy, we may be able to return them to you, although we can not guarantee the condition the flowers will be in on return. 

Can you delay printing/delivery until I get back from my honeymoon?

Of course, just let us know what your delivery requirements are.

What additional costs are involved for non-metro Sydney addresses?

If you're going to post the flowers to us using Australia Post, the additional costs are likely to be minimal.  Check 'The Process' section to see what our interstate postage arrangements are, but you can also contact us via our enquiry form, or send us an email: info@floragraphica.com.au and we’ll figure it out

Can I choose more than one image?

Yes, you can choose many images as you like.  We offer a bulk discount, so that your artworks get cheaper the more you buy.

Can I have the image also printed onto thank you cards or mini prints as gifts?

Yes, you can choose many images as you like.  Let us know what your requirements are, and we’ll make it happen

What if I change my mind about the chosen style or size?

Let us know as soon as possible and we will discuss your options.  If the image has already been printed, or frame created, it may be too late to change your mind.  Please consult our Terms and Conditions for details on our policy.

I’d like you to arrange framing. How do I choose my mount/frame?

Framing specifications come down to taste, but some options are standard. For example, we recommend UV protected, non-reflective glass, acid-free matting and adhesive foam-core backing. The size and colour of the frame and mat is up to you.

Can you recommend a style/format/mount/frame?

We’re happy to make a recommendation.

How do I get my artwork when it is completed?

You can pick it up, or we can courier it to you – you can decide what’s easiest for you.

Can I cancel my order?

See our Terms and Conditions.

Can I see a proof before my image is printed?

Of course – in fact that’s an important part of our process

How long does the process take?

Please see our page 'The Process' for our estimated timeline.

Do you have payment plans?

At this stage we only have one payment structure, which is payment in 3 parts:

Payment 1) Commissioning

Payment 2) Access to password protected proof gallery

Payment 3) Pickup delivery

If you’d like to discuss this process, please contact us via our enquiry form, or send us an email: info@floragraphica.com.au

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes - you can order a full or partial payment certificate. Please get in touch with us via our enquiry form, or send us an email: info@floragraphica.com.au

I want to give this as a gift.  How can I organise this?

We cater for this on our enquiry form.  Fill it out, and we’ll contact you.  

You might also like to consider inviting others to join you in purchasing Floragraphica as a gift by using grouptogether.com

Can I commission a custom image that is not related to an event?

Of course – tell us what you have in mind via our enquiry form, or send us an email: info@floragraphica.com.au 

Do you work with individual flowers, or just arrangements/bouquets

We work with all flowers in all their glory.  Have a look through our gallery and Instagram feed for examples of our work. 

Some of our favourite images are of single blooms.  Our images of birth month flowers, anniversary year flowers are very popular. 

See our ‘Resources’ page for inspiration for single flower imagery.

What other occasion flowers do you photograph?

Any occasion where flowers feature - whether as decoration, as a gift, or any other purpose.  Our aim is to make your important flowers into a beautiful piece of art.  Weddings are the most obvious occasion, but all of life’s events can be celebrated with floral art.


fringed tulips.jpg





Please read this legal agreement before using our services. 


Please read this legal agreement before using our services.  By commissioning Floragraphica you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Note: Floragraphica is the business name of the artist, Elise Catterall and all terms refer to both the business operations and the artist. The name ‘Floragraphica’ and the term ‘the Artist’ are used interchangeably.



Artwork will be created based on photography of the supplied floral arrangement.  All artwork will be created using a combination of digital photography and processing with Adobe Photoshop. The final artwork will be output as a fine art giclée print on archival quality 300+gsm 100% cotton rag paper at the agreed size dimensions.  Framing can be arranged at an additional cost as per client specifications (based on frame material, size and choice of border).


After photography and editing, the client will be presented with a proof set consisting of approximately 8 images.  The client will choose the image to be committed to print from this selection, along with the required size/dimensions. 


The artist shall commence work upon the date of receiving the flowers (ideally the day after the wedding/event) and shall complete work, including all phases under this agreement within 10 weeks of the commencement date, if not before.  Such time for completion may be extended by the joint agreement of the client and the artist.



If there is any client-related delay in Floragraphica receiving the flowers, the artist will not be held liable for the condition the flowers are in when photographed.  Further, if the flowers have perished in anyway, resulting in fewer quality images captured, the artist will not be held liable. The artist will do the best they can with the flowers they receive.



The project price is based upon an agreed price for the entire project and will depend on the size of the completed artwork and any framing requirements.


Payment schedule is as follows:

Stage 1: Commissioning fee - $99 required upon booking to secure the date and cover collection of the flowers.

Stage 2: Proof fee – $199 required to view proof gallery.

Stage 3: Completion fee – remaining balance required on completion of printing (and framing if relevant), prior to delivery (or as negotiated).


At each stage an invoice can be provided to the client, if required. 

All payments, unless otherwise negotiated, are to be paid by direct debit to:

National Australia Bank

Account name: Elise Catterall

BSB: 082 080

Account number: 77 247 2876

A receipt will be issued on confirmation of deposited funds.



Certain revisions (e.g. choice of image from proofs or relating to dimension/crop or orientation) are allowed prior to the image being committed to print. Once the image is committed to print, no changes can be made.



Until final and full payment has been made, Floragraphica retains ownership of all original artwork, whether preliminary or final. Upon final and full payment, the client shall obtain ownership, to use as they see fit, of the final primary artwork only. Floragraphica retains the right to use representations of the completed primary artwork and any preliminary versions for competitions, educational purposes, marketing materials and/or portfolio. In this instance, and where applicable, the client will be given any necessary credit for usage of the project elements.  The digital negative (original file) remains the property of Floragraphica, however it will not be reproduced at size (A3 or above) except for the client’s project or subsequent reprints, or with the client’s permission.  This ensures the artwork is truly unique.


All other images from the proofs or project - other than the printed artwork/s - remain the property of Floragraphica and may be used at the discretion of the artist, including (but not limited to) commercial, retail or collaborative use.


Under no circumstances are the proof photographs (or the completed artwork) to be copied, reproduced, resold or published in any media without permission, including providing them for download over the internet.  Should you share images of your artwork on social media, please credit Floragraphica as appropriate.



The artist may provide digital imagery and/or a single printed image from the proof gallery to other invested parties, for example (and most commonly) the client’s florist for use in their portfolio.  Approval will be sought from the client prior to doing so.



The artwork fee includes collection of the floral arrangement and delivery of the final artwork within the Sydney metro area. Outside of the Sydney metro area, collection can be arranged by courier with fees payable by the client. A price estimate will be provided for approval.

An approximate production schedule is as follows:

  • We take receipt of the flowers as soon as possible after the wedding

  • After receiving the flowers, depending on their condition, they are photographed for 3-5 days

  • The images are edited over the next two weeks

  • At approximately the 3 week mark, a proof gallery is ready for viewing

  • Once the image to be printed is chosen and a size confirmed, it is sent to be printed, which can take up to 10 days

  • If framing is being arranged, this step can add on another 10 days

  • As soon as the artworks (framed or unframed) are completed, delivery will be arranged at the earliest possible opportunity

 The artist shall not incur any liability or penalty for delays in the completion of the project due to actions or negligence of client, unusual transportation delays, unforeseen illness, or external forces beyond the control of the artist. If such event(s) occur, the artist shall notify the client of such delay where possible, and the artist will be entitled to extend the completion/delivery date, by the time equivalent to the period of such delay.

Outside of the Sydney metro area, delivery can be arranged and a price estimate will be provided for approval before delivery.


The artistic execution of the photography and post production and the determination of images delivered to you as proofs are at the discretion of Floragraphica. The provided images shall be of a style and quality generally similar to photographs visible on the Floragraphica website.

It is agreed that it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they are happy with the final image prior to the artwork going to print. It is agreed that the artist is not responsible or held liable for any change in mind regarding the final artwork after it has been committed to print.



In the event of cancellation of the project by the client, or in the event of default of progress payments, ownership of all copyrights and the original artwork shall be retained by Floragraphica, and a fee for work completed, based on the contract price and expenses already incurred, shall be paid by the client. 

Orders cancelled prior to the collection date – booking fee is retained but no further penalty

Orders cancelled between collection date and delivery of proofs incur a cancellation fee of $225.

After an image has been selected from the proofs, the order cannot be cancelled and full payment is required.

Due to the personalised nature of the artworks, all sales are final and cannot be returned.



All verbal and written agreements, and all correspondence and documentation provided will be treated as confidential between the client and the artist, unless consent has been granted by both parties involved. We will not share your details with a third party without consent and we will also only reference you on social media with your consent.  


The artist warrants that the completed artwork will be fit and suitable for use in the manner for which it is to be created, but this warranty is conditioned upon the client’s compliance with provisions relating to the installation and maintenance, including due care in handling, framing and hanging.


Promotional discounts are non-cumulative, e.g., the 10% social media discount will not be added to an expo special.  If the client participates in more than one promotional activity, Floragraphica will apply the greatest single discount to the order. 

Any promotional discounts will be issued and honoured at the sole discretion of Floragraphica.


It is the client’s responsibility the check to the artwork carefully for any damage that might have been caused during transport and lodge any claims to Floragraphica or with the transport company if delivered by a 3rd party immediately. Failure to lodge a claim within the five (5) days shall constitute irrevocable acceptance of the product as received. 


Flowers are natural products and are perishable. For this reason and as we deconstruct the bouquet as part of the photographic process, we do not return the bouquet or elements of it.  Further, some slight imperfections may be present in the depictions of the flower/s, eg, age spots, blemishes, colour variation.

The cotton rag paper we use is archival quality and rated to last upwards of 75 years if kept in optimal conditions.  To ensure this, avoid excessive U.V light and humid/damp areas when considering a place to hang your artwork and hang only on an internal wall.






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Hi, I'm Elise, co-founder and photographer at Floragraphica.

Floragraphica started as a passion project for me.  While I was working as a naturopath I had a burning desire to make a beautiful book on flowering herbal medicines (I still do!).  That led me to studying photography so that I could take my own images of the herbs, which led into friends and family asking to buy my images, which led into friends giving 'me' as a gift to shoot bouquets for brides. And now it has led me to you! I can't wait to work with you so you can keep your gorgeous flowers with you forever.